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Representatives of the various hapū of Ngāti Hauiti were called to a hui at Rātā on 10th December 1994, to consider the establishment of an interim rūnanga, to be known as Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Hauiti (Interim), to represent the wider interests of the people of Ngāti Hauiti. This hui confirmed that consideration, and so, Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Hauiti came into being from that date, with a Convenor/Chairman and a number of delegates from each hapū being appointed. 

Te Runanga o Ngāti Hauiti is the representative tribal body for ngā whānau and ngā hapū of Ngāti Hauiti.  The primary area of Ngāti Hauiti influence can be broadly described as extending from the confluence of the Moawhango and Rangitīkei Rivers in the north to the Waitapu Stream in the South, and from the Turakina River in the west to the summit of the Ruahine Range in the east.

The Rūnanga continues to focus its attention on developing a tribal infrastructure that will effectively meet the aspirations of Ngāti Hauiti whānui. While this will continue, programmes will also encourage whānau and hapū development activities. 


The kaupapa of the Rūnanga seeks to develop and protect all those things that relate to Ngāti Hauiti whānui.  The role of Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Hauiti is to provide leadership through governance which involves giving guidance and direction.  It will also provide a collective and unified voice that will ensure:

"The Enhancement and Preservation of Hauititanga" 

(Te Whakapikitanga me te whakapupuritanga o tō tātou Hauititanga)

 In order to achieve this purpose, the rūnanga will focus its activities in three broad functional areas.

 Iwi Issues

  •  Represent Ngāti Hauiti whānui on tribal matters
  •  Develop a tribal infrastructure
  •  Re-establish the tribal asset base

 Whānau & Hapū Development

  •  Encourage and facilitate whānau and hapū development
  •  Support and advocate on behalf of individual whānau and hapū

 Service Provision

  • Provision of activities and projects at an iwi level
  • Monitor public or private sector agencies who service Ngāti Hauiti whānui where possible


The establishment of the rūnanga is based upon the concepts of whakapapa and whenua.   Through whakapapa we are able to prove our genealogical relationship with the whenua.  Based upon this relationship we are then able to organise ourselves into whānau and hapū collectives with defined areas of interest.  Such a societal structure expresses itself through the following values.

Mana: Ngāti Hauiti authority over land & waterways (mana whenua) and of people (mana tangata).

Rangatiratanga: Ngāti Hauiti chieftainship passed down from our tupuna and as guaranteed under the Treaty of Waitangi including rights of self-determination and governance.

Kaitiakitanga: Guardianship that embraces the responsibility for caring and protecting all those things that relate to Ngāti Hauiti.

Manaaki Tangata: Hospitality to all people with a particular responsibility for ensuring manuhiri resident within our rohe are cared after.

Whanaungatanga: Relationships between Ngāti Hauiti whānau and hapū and between Ngāti Hauiti and other iwi.

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